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The 4th Session of the 5th Yankuang Workers Congress was held successfully

Yankuang Group held the 4th Session of the 5th Yankuang Workers Congress on March 16th, 2012. 541 employee representatives got together to listen to the work report, evaluate the leaders’ performances, vote for the various revolutions and sign the salary collective agreement.

Yankuang Group’s major leaders, including Wang Xin, Li Weimin, Song Guo, Shi Xuerang, Zhang Yingmin, Zhang Xianyou, Zhang Minglin, Zhou Shoucheng, Huang Fuchang, Yang Jiachun, Sun Qiwen, Li Wei and the Employee Director Mao Xianglu attended the meeting. Some retired cadres, people from all walks of life as well as the invited representatives made their presence.

Wang Xin, Chairman of the Board and Party Secretary of Yankuang Group delivered a speech. He pointed out the Workers Congress was of great importance in the key period of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan. Combining with the enterprise reality, we should seize the precious opportunity to further implement the Group’s developing strategy, maintain the workers’ rights and interests, and push the development of the domestic and overseas projects into a new stage. Wang Xin emphasized that the Group’s achievements were largely due to the innovation of the technology and management, the capital operation and the international development. We should promote the development from a worldwide view, converting the resource, technology and brand advantages into an edge in characteristics and effectiveness; constantly promote the innovation of system mechanism and management and unswervingly push the Group’s effective and spanned development based on its technology and international advantages. Concerning the working safety, Wang Xin stressed that safety is the most important prerequisite, the key guarantee for the effective spanned development and the basic requirement for people-oriented. We should make safe development as our responsibility, belief and spirit. Owing to the hard work of Yankuang employees, Yankuang Group has achieved numerous accomplishments and honors.

Li Weimin, General Manager and Deputy Party Secretary of Yankuang Group delivered a work report, in which he made a positive summary on the work of 2011. He noted that 2012 was a key year of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, also important for Yankuang Group to steadily push forward its development. Standing at a new starting point, Yankuang Group made the working guiding principles, overall plan and the economic goal for 2012.He also proposed specific requests and hope for the 2012 tasks. He pointed out that the accomplishment of 2012’s working goal would be of great significance for Yankuang Group, which signifies Yankuang stepping into the large coal enterprises with hundreds of millions tons of coal output.

Song Guo, Deputy Party Secretary of Yankuang Group presided over the afternoon meeting. He hoped all the representatives would take up the historical mission and fulfill their duties, all units give full play of their advantages. He also asked the representatives to publicize the spirit of the meeting, unite and mobilize the cadres and workers to keep working hard, seize the opportunity and meet challenges, speed up the reform and development.

Zhou Shoucheng, Secretary of the Discipline Committee and Chairman of the Labor Union of Yankuang Group presided over the morning meeting.