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Li Xiyong presides over the general manager's executive meeting

On July19th, Mr. Li Xiyong, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee for Yankuang Group, presided over the general manager executive meeting, in which, he called upon to learn and implement the requirement of Mr. Zhang Chaochao raised in the leading cadres’ meeting, arranged related work in transition period, and also heard the reports of recent work of specialized companies. He stated that all divisions should adhere to the established target, assignments and measures, maintain consistent, stable and effective work, in order to accomplish all targets and tasks of the second half of the year as well as the whole year.

Mr. Li Xiyong pointed out that the duty of handling the current crisis, maintaining the development, and promoting the development of Yankuang Group had fallen on the new leadership. It’s unshakeable for us to undertake this responsibility, this historic mission and glorious task. Therefore, we should act in the spirit of taking responsibilities for the history, the future, the company and its staffs, strive to do our work well, take the benefit from the solid foundations created by previous leaderships, and thus to boost new developments on new starting point.

Mr. Li Xiyong emphasized that we should focus on the following objectives: first, strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, and ensure the orderly progress of each assignment. Second, enforce discipline at work in order to maintain the company stable. Third, strengthen safety supervision and guarantee safe production.

Mr. Li Xiyong emphasized at last that “This was the first office meeting I presided after I entered Yankuang Group and worked as the general manager. Ever since I was assigned to Yankuang Group by provincial Party committee this July 15th, I have become a member of Yankuang. So, I had the responsibilities to grow prosperous together with Yankuang, share joys and sorrows with members in the leadership, pull together in times of trouble with all cadres and staffs, and promote the business of Yankuang to a new stage. I was firmly convinced that as long as our leadership stuck together, all members united as one, we could deal with the issues of Yankuang Group very well and built a brighter future for Yankuang Group.”